I thought that the recognition rate of the word side job was low.

Butt cleansing, it's a topic, but it's not in my sight so let's stay unaware

However, there are modes that change the rules in daily, and there are various rules depending on the day.

There are 3 playable characters, there are direct attack type, poison and praise hand type, special type that can release a bit to attack and defend every turn

Until you clear a chapter, HP will carry over, and MHP will not recover across chapters. There are techniques and events to recover HP. There are rare MHP events.

1 play up to 3 chapters can be cleared in about 1 hour (or die)

Well, the feeling of fulfillment that you played the game is obtained

How many weeks will humans be satisfied with Slay the Spire?

I participated in a drinking party, but I only drank 3 glasses of beer, so when I left the store it was like I had lost my sake.

[____] (: 3 tsu) = ≡ =-・ ∴Asmodeus Oston Challenge! ↓ (: 3 tsu [____] (failure: + 50cm)

And I was able to buy music PV for around 500 yen on PS3

Although it is not much talked about, SONY is much ahead of the times and has ended the service with the end of production of e-books for the first time with PSP

After school dice club, if you played a board game, an old bully would say that you had been bullied a long time ago. . .

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